Rolf Benz is German made in every sense. All products are manufactured in Nagold, Germany to the very highest standards of craftsmanship using only raw materials such as wood, leather and textiles that have been responsibly produced in Germany.

With 50 years of experience in perfecting furniture, Rolf Benz has gained the reputation for combining innovative design with superlative product quality, producing sofas which retain their beauty and functionality for the many years. A five-year warranty is offered on the entire padding structure of their upholstered furniture as well as on their coffee tables, dining tables and rugs collections.

Rolf Benz gives the client the flexibility to customize each and every aspect of their living space by utilizing its modular design. With a catalogue of over 20 different sofa styles to choose from, each with thousands of different shape and finish combinations the possibilities are endless.

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Just take a look behind the perfect design, and you will discover the quality at the heart of every piece of Rolf Benz furniture

The formula for first-class quality furniture is simple. Take 50 years of experience in perfecting furniture, combine this with exceptional craftsmanship, the highest quality of German sourced materials and the work of internationally renowned furniture designers. The result is superb quality, “made in Germany”, unmistakably Rolf Benz.

Rolf Benz offers the best possible comfort. You can see by looking at a sofa that it is a Rolf Benz – but you can feel it even more. In the search for the perfect sitting comfort, Rolf Benz developed a method of building up a seat layer by layer, like a sandwich built specifically to comfort the human form. Perfectly coordinated combinations of several types of foam put together by hand are the secret of this layered seat construction. This perfectly crafted sandwich construction creates the basis for the legendary Rolf Benz seating comfort.What makes a Rolf Benz Sofa so durable? Above all, it has to do with the especially high density of the foam. More density = longer lasting pleasure in your sofa. The German Furniture Quality Assurance Association’s (DGM) quality standards state that seat upholstery foam density should be no less than 35 kg/m3. Rolf Benz not only complies with these standards but far exceeds them with their foam densities reaching up to 80 kg/m3. As far as you are concerned, this means that your Rolf Benz sofa will reach a level of quality and durability that is far above average, and will provide a top sitting comfort that will last for many years. Rolf Benz' passion for leather ensures premium quality for every single sofa. That’s why they use only the top-quality leathers, with an exclusive collection of aniline, nubuck, semi-pigmented and pigmented leathers which are all taken from the top, most valuable and durable layer of the hide. The stringent quality standards of Rolf Benz, as well as the test and quality conditions of the German Furniture Quality Assurance Association ensure the highest possible quality for each and every piece of Rolf Benz furniture.


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